Board Development and Fundraising for Nonprofit Startups

board development

Anne Marie Burgoyne, Managing Director of the Social Innovation Initiative at the Emerson Collective, spoke to the Fast Forward cohort about two of the most important issues for any nonprofit: board development and fundraising. Anne Marie is universally loved in the social enterprise space, and has an amazing background in philanthropy. Here are the highlights.

4 lessons for building your founding board:

The founding board is your first governance body, and they’re your boss. They are the people who have your back in public and share your heart and mind in private.

  1. Choose people who believe in you and who are willing to go with you on your journey
  2. Find doers who bring specific skills
  3. Use your board to expand your network
  4. Bring on people who understand finance and operations early

4 lessons for fundraising:

There are lots of places to raise money: individuals, institutions, corporations, competitions, and earned revenue, and you can’t chase everything.

  1. Fundraise for what you need to hit milestone growth
  2. You have to spend money to make money: invest in your website and good design
  3. As the leader, bringing resources to your work (AKA fundraising) is your work – embrace the awkward!
  4. Don’t forget to make the ask