About Us

The world’s biggest social problems, from healthcare to education to human rights, deserve the best technology solutions. Fast Forward invests in entrepreneurs who are using technology to accelerate social impact. Fast Forward’s investments span beyond philanthropic funding, through products and programs that bridge the tech and nonprofit sectors to build capacity for tech nonprofits.

As the first and only organization focused exclusively on scaling organizations that combine the best tech with sustainable nonprofit business models, Fast Forward’s mission is to accelerate impact.

Tech nonprofit

[tek non-prof-it]


A tech startup, building original software or hardware, that has selected a nonprofit business model in order to scale social impact, not profits.

63M Lives

Fast Forward’s portfolio of tech nonprofits improve the lives of millions around the world. 63% of these organizations have a founder who identifies as a woman, and 73% have a founder who is a person of color. And they’ve raised over $157 million in follow on funding to accelerate their impact.

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"It's refreshing to hear from people who are pursuing solutions to problems, rather than just pursuing a business that makes a lot of money."

Andrew McCollum, Cofounder of Facebook, Fast Forward mentor