Fast Forward and MomoCentral Launch MomoGivesBack

November 24, 2016 | Accelerator

Fast Forward and MomoCentral Team up to Launch MomoGivesBack

We have a lot to be grateful for at Fast Forward. We are privileged to work with some of the most inspiring social entrepreneurs every year, and have been blown away as we hear end of year progress updates from each of our alumni – the power for tech for good is real! The generosity of our donors, like, BlackRock, and Omidyar Network, mentors, speakers and partners make it possible for us to accelerate good. For that, we are endlessly thankful!

We are particularly grateful for our friends at MomoCentral, and are excited to announce a new partnership with their incredible team of global freelance engineers and designers. Today MomoCentral is officially launching MomoGivesBack, an in-kind program that matches skilled MomoCentral designers and developers with tech nonprofits in need of technical support. MomoCentral selected Fast Forward as the exclusive partner for the MomoGivesBack program due to our cohorts’ ability to execute tech projects and maximize impact.

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MomoGivesBack allows MomoCentral’s engineers and designers the opportunity to help tech nonprofits through skills-based volunteering, while also enabling them to fill portfolio gaps. MomoCentral’s team comprises professional engineers who are highly experienced in specific technologies, but many of them are interested in expanding their tech skills. By lending their technical talent to Fast Forward tech nonprofits, the MomoCentral team grows their skillsets while building impact-focused technology that furthers the social missions of the Fast Forward alumni.

“MomoGivesBack has really helped us with added, dedicated engineering talent. We are able to accelerate work on our training platform with their support,” said Katy Ashe, Co-founder of Noora Health and Fast Forward 2014 alumna.

So far MomoGivesBack has worked with seven Fast Forward alumni, including TalkingPoints, Open Media Project, Think of Us, Noora Health, Hack Club, and Quill. MomoGivesBack completed a total redesign of the Open Media Project website, and Executive Director Tony Shawcross said they experienced 10x their typical signups after the new site launched.

MomoCentral has provided tech support to over 230 tech companies worldwide. The platform’s professional designers and engineers began working with Fast Forward fellows in December 2015 on a paid basis, but quickly realized the team wanted to give back by volunteering their time. This partnership allows MomoGivesBack freelancers to dedicate their talents to building technology that positively impacts lives across the globe.

Thank you to Su Yuen and the entire team at MomoCentral for your support! For more information, visit