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October 23, 2023 | Blog

HPE Foundation and Fast Forward: Accelerating Impact by Unlocking $1.3M in Employee Giving

We just closed out the 2023 HPE Accelerating Impact Campaign and it’s cause for major celebration. This year, Fast Forward and the HPE Foundation infused over $1.3M in transformative capital into the tech nonprofit sector.

If you don’t know about HPE Accelerating Impact, here’s the download: through this company-wide campaign, each of HPE’s 60,000+ employees is given a $25 donation credit from the HPE Foundation. With a portfolio of thirty tech nonprofits to choose from, HPE team members allocate their donation credit to the organization they most resonate with. Employees always show up in big numbers. This year, an impressive 41% of HPE’s global workforce contributed – from the U.S. to India to Mexico to Peru to Luxembourg.

Since 2019, the HPE Accelerating Impact campaign has allowed HPE employees to support causes close to their heart. At the same time, the campaign fosters a culture of giving at HPE that accelerates the positive social impact of technology.

Stats from HPE Accelerating Impact

“Technology has the potential to help solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges. The engagement of HPE employees globally and the partnership with Fast Forward helps to support innovative tech nonprofits and catalyze a more robust innovation ecosystem. I am proud of HPE’s efforts to be a Force for Good.”

– Monica Batchelder, Chief Sustainability Officer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

This year, HPE employees contributed the most to: Allies Against Slavery, the tech nonprofit building custom technology to fight human trafficking; Restor, an open data platform accelerating the restoration movement; and Thorn, which uses AI to combat online child sexual abuse material.

There’s no doubt that all 30 organizations inspired HPE team members across the globe. The “give to all” option, which allowed employees to split their donation evenly across all of the participating tech nonprofits, was the most selected option by HPE team members. 

Throughout the HPE Accelerating Impact campaign, both the participating tech nonprofits and HPE employees have expressed how meaningful the campaign was. Take SIRUM, a tech nonprofit on a mission to make medicine more affordable. A five-time campaign participant, SIRUM shared: 

“Thanks in part to generous support from HPE over the years, SIRUM has been able to scale our work saving medicine to save lives. Every dollar donated helps us redistribute more unopened, unexpired medicine to patients whose prescription costs are too high. We recently passed a big milestone: $200M of life-saving medicine made available to patients since our founding. And we’re just getting started!”

– Kiah Williams, Co-founder at SIRUM

For all 30 tech nonprofits, the capital donated through HPE Accelerating Impact will launch them into the next stage of development. It will seed new innovations and even greater impact. This is only multiplied for organizations like SIRUM that participate year over year. 

The last five years of the HPE Accelerating Impact campaign has seen 68 tech nonprofits receive $6.2M from HPE Foundation enabling them to positively impact over 360M lives. And that’s just the beginning of the company’s commitment to tech for good. Fast Forward is proud to continue our partnership with HPE Foundation and drive social impact together.