accelerating tech nonprofits

3 Lessons from 1,000 Days of Accelerating Tech Nonprofits

By: Kevin Barenblat, Co-Founder & President of Fast Forward   Three years ago I transitioned from the for-profit tech world into the uncharted waters of nonprofits and philanthropy. I had an idea to apply the well-established Silicon Valley accelerator model to nonprofits, but found myself

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nonprofit sustainability

Is The Tech Nonprofit Business Model Sustainable?

Ten years ago, startup fundraising was a foreign concept to most. These days, most people over the age of 12 are in the know thanks to startup culture sweeping the nation and shows like Shark Tank and Silicon Valley giving the rest of the U.S.

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nonprofit vs for profit

Why Tech Nonprofit?

Almost every week we get the question, “Should I be a nonprofit vs for profit?” The nonprofit model is unique in that it allows an organization to focus 100% on its mission and impact. The tech nonprofit model, even more so. It enables a 100%

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civic tech organizations

Civic Tech Nonprofits Are Leading Positive Change

With election day upon us, and most of us on edge as we await to hear the verdict, what better way to shine a positive light on political change than focusing on the good work of civic tech organizations. We’re talking about tech nonprofits building

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