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Khari Menelik IGottaMakeIt

#IGottaMakeIt: Khan Academy for business skills

Urban youth around the country face many barriers to success, principle among them a lack of education. The pervasive education inequality in the United States starts early and continues through high school, with 86% of high school students graduating on time nationwide but only 9%

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Jocelyn Wyatt

Jocelyn Wyatt of advises the Fast Forward tech nonprofits

Jocelyn Wyatt, Executive Director of, told the Fast Forward cohort and Blackrock attendees about her history in the social innovation and international development space, and about how she formed in 2011. applies human centered design to tackle poverty alleviation challenges around the

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Tech for Good

Tech for good: form your own social impact program

We at Fast Forward want to help burgeoning tech for good leaders. We believe that by guiding tech for good programs, we can help them maximize impact and promote the ecosystem of using technology for social good. We have recently interviewed people at companies from

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