BlackRock Unlocks $1M for Tech Nonprofits Responding to Covid-19

June 29, 2021 | Tech Nonprofits, Blog

BlackRock Unlocks $1M for Tech Nonprofits Responding to Covid-19

As the world builds for a post-pandemic future, tech nonprofits have risen to meet the challenges we face collectively across global health, education, and more. We teamed up with our longtime partner BlackRock on Recovery Forward, a campaign supporting 14 tech nonprofits building transformative solutions for Covid-19 recovery. And the result was staggering: Recovery Forward raised $1M for tech nonprofits responding to Covid-19. 

In response to the pandemic, BlackRock led efforts to foster a resilient economy and build for a more equitable future. BlackRock Recovery Forward did just this. Through the campaign, each BlackRock employee was empowered to support the tech nonprofit of their choice using a $50 credit from the BlackRock Foundation. From Mumbai to Miami, 8,657 employees – 52% of BlackRock’s global workforce – supercharged the work of a tech nonprofit that resonated with them. The highest earner? Dost Education (pictured above!).

The 14 tech nonprofits in the campaign are making impact at scale through innovative digital solutions. From at-home learning platforms to mobile health apps for vulnerable populations, these organizations are leveraging tech to serve communities across the world. Check out this video to learn more about two participating tech nonprofits, Dost Education and Hikma Health, and the impact of Recovery Forward on their work:

BlackRock employees were particularly inspired by Dost Education, Hopebound, and Learning Equality, directing the most funding to these organizations. The three tech nonprofits are making a notable impact globally: Dost Education helps low-literacy parents in India support their child’s early education through audio content; Hopebound provides virtual therapy for low-income youth in the US; and Learning Equality makes high quality remote learning accessible globally through an offline platform. 

Employees had the exciting opportunity to hear directly from the founders of three tech nonprofits through a Founder Speaker Series. In these engaging sessions, employees tuned in to hear first-hand from the founders of Dost Education, Recidiviz, and CommonLit about their work. 

We were also thrilled to chat about Fast Forward’s work with the BlackRock community. As part of BlackRock’s Engineering Speaker Series, our Co-Founder Shannon Farley joined Sue Zheng, Tech Fellow and Lead Engineer, and BlackRock engineers to share how Fast Forward supports tech nonprofits driving positive impact at scale.

Recovery Forward highlights BlackRock’s impactful commitment to the tech for good sector. Our deep partnership with BlackRock has been transformative for tech nonprofits: over the past seven years, BlackRock has played a key role in helping us accelerate 70 tech nonprofits, providing funding and micro-mentorship to these teams.

We’re incredibly grateful to BlackRock for its continued partnership, and look forward to moving the sector forward together through impactful collaborations like BlackRock Recovery Forward!