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March 6, 2019 | What's Good in Tech

What’s Good in Tech, Issue 11

Fast Forward is deep in planning mode for Accelerate Good Global, the sector-defining tech nonprofit conference comin’ in hot April 3-4 (join us!), but we’re taking a short dance break to bring you the latest and greatest news in tech for good. Curious what we’re particularly excited about? The NY Times recognizes the work of social impact accelerators like Fast Forward, Tarjimly goes native (app, that is), and Fast Forward alumni are on the pod-waves in earbuds all over the world.

Accelerate Good News
Photo Credit Michael Sofronski/JustFix.nyc

Making an App to Make a Difference

The New York Times explores the impact of “untraditional” tech accelerators like Fast Forward and Blue Ridge Labs, whose portfolios are rife with apps creating social impact at scale.

Mixtape podcast: Tech’s Concern for the Homeless

On TechCrunch Mixtape pod, Neil Shah, CEO of Concrn, shares the past year’s challenges, and why – in spite of them – he is committed to seeing Concrn’s mission come to fruition, as the organization expands to Oakland.

Accelerate Good News
Photo credit: NBC

Growing Number of Tech Tools Aim to Empower Survivors to Report Sexual Assaults

A growing number of tech tools enable survivors of sexual abuse to anonymously report assaults. On NBC Nightly News, Jess Ladd, Founder of Callisto, details how her tech nonprofit is combating sexual abuse.

How One Social Entrepreneur Helps Tenants Fight Black Mold, Cockroaches And Negligent Landlords

From lack of heat to cockroaches, JustFix.nyc played a critical role in helping over 5,000 tenants achieve housing justice in 2018. In Forbes, Co-Founder Georges Clements describes the impact of JustFix.nyc’s work, and what keeps him motivated.

50 Women-Led Startups That Are Crushing Tech

Tech nonprofits Vote.org, Callisto, and Zidisha are rightly featured in Forbes alongside 47 other companies pushing the boundaries of technology’s impact.

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Photo credit: Sasha Arutyunova

How Blockchains Can Help Create Little Democracies Everywhere

“The very nature of humanity is being challenged by artificial intelligence, and this is a very, very tricky race that we’re fighting against.” Santiago Siri, Co-Founder of Democracy Earth, explores the tools and research lines available to address the impending problem on Unchained podcast.

New Coalition Harnesses ‘Radical Collaboration’ for Community Health

The Community Health Impact Coalition is a five year program igniting “radical collaboration” among international stakeholders to improve on the ground community health. Fast Forward alum Medic Mobile is a part of that coalition.

Accelerate Good News
Photo credit: Tarjimly

When Refugees Need Emergency Help With a Language Barrier, this App Connects them to a Translator

Tarjimly, the tech nonprofit delivering humanitarian translation for refugees, just launched their native app. The launch is highlighted in FastCompany.

VisionSF Spotlight: DREAMers Roadmap

1. Never be afraid to ask for help. 2. Live sin miedo. These are two promises DREAMer’s Roadmap founder Sarahi Espinoza Salamanca committed to in 2019. VisionSF spotlights this dreamer in SF Gate.

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