What's Good in Tech Issue 4, Monthly Highlights in Tech for Good

August 7, 2018 | What's Good in Tech

What’s Good in Tech, Issue 4

Our Accelerator launched this month and while we may be deep in it with ten incredible tech nonprofits, that doesn’t mean the good tech news slowed down! This month, how counting lentils can transform early education, why millennials don’t vote, and government’s unexpected savior.

This DREAMer Built an App Connecting Undocumented Students to Hard-to-Find Scholarships

Photo credit: DREAMer's Roadmap

Years after being told, “Students like you don’t go to college,” this DREAMer (FFWD 2018) defied obstacles and is impacting the lives of undocumented students across the country.

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A Crash Course in The Cloud with a Google SRE

A Crash Course in The Cloud with a Google SRE

We break down Emmanuel Klu‘s top tips for building reliable & cost efficient infrastructure from the beginning.

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Dost: Helping the 150M Low Literacy Women in India Support Their Child’s Early Development

Photo credit: DostLearn the story of why Dost’s co-founders built Dost (FFWD 2018), which delivers micro-podcasts to transform early education in India. Our favorite micro-podcast? Help your child count lentils to get a head start on math.

Enjoy their co-founder story >

Accounting FUN-0-1 with Alison Ball

Alison Ball | Photo credit: Fast ForwardAlison Ball, Manager of Global Influencer Strategy at Intuit, knows the ins and outs of nonprofit accounting. She shares the critical advice you didn’t know you needed.

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How Nancy Lublin Turned Texting into a Life-Saving Nonprofit

Photo credit: TED Talks

Marie Forleo interviewed Nancy Lublin, the unstoppable entrepreneur who founded Crisis Text Line and Dress for Success, transformed DoSomething.org, and is launching Loris.ai.

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4 Pro Tips for Accelerator Success

Accelerator Success

We partnered with Comcast NBCUniversal to share our top tips on maximizing the accelerator experience. Enjoy advice from Brandon Anderson of Raheem (FFWD 2017), Alex Bernadotte of Beyond 12 (FFWD 2017), Liz Lee of Online SOS (FFWD 2017), and Ashley Treni  of JustFix.NYC (FFWD 2017).

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The ACLU is building a tech dream team. Your move, Trump.

Photo credit: Celine Grouard for Fast CompanyIn more good tech news, the ACLU is venturing into the tech nonprofit space as they plan to launch a suite of apps to amplify political advocacy. “One of the reasons we’re investing in the digital tech and analytics space is to make this as sustainable a nonprofit as possible” says the ACLU chief of staff.

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Hear About The Challenges of Using Tech for Good at Disrupt SF

Photo credit: TechCrunch

Tech nonprofits on stage at TechCrunch DISRUPT?! You heard us right. This year tech nonprofits like Concrn (FFWD 2017) and mRelief will grace the stage to share why it’s time people consider tech for positive social impact.

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This App Connects Refugees with Volunteer Translators

Photo credit: TarjimlyTarjimly (FFWD 2018) partnered with UNHCR to provide a look into how this critical translation app is connecting the 3 Billion bilinguals with the 23 Million refugees worldwide.

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Visible Announces Social Good Initiative Focusing on Mobile Tech

Photo credit: Visible Connect

Visible, the an app-based mobile phone service, announced the launch of Visible Connect, a social good program designed to expedite growth for nonprofit startups. Their cohort includes 7 Fast Forward alums!

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Why Tech Nonprofits are Increasingly Stepping in for the Government

Photo credit: Tulare County OES

Is it just us, or are we seeing “tech nonprofit” in more tech industry headlines this month?! Learn more about the Human Utility and how tech nonprofits are key in addressing social services.

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Donor Retention + Diversity in Nonprofit Tech

Photo credit: The Nonprofit Times

We chatted with the Nonprofit Times Podcast about all things diversity in the tech nonprofit sector, and breakdown the struggles many tech nonprofits face to make the leap from seed stage funding to budgets of $1 million+.

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Why Millennials Don’t Vote

Photo credit: Girls Uninterrupted

The entertaining podcast Girls Uninterrupted features Maria Yuan, the CEO of Issue Voter (FFWD 2017). Their conversation takes us through the story of Issue Voter, why voter turnout is higher in other developed countries, and other civic engagement quandaries.

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