December 5, 2018 | What's Good in Tech

What’s Good in Tech, Issue 8

As 2018 winds to a close, the positive tech news is showing no signs of a slowdown. Your December reading covers AI’s impact on wildlife, a call to modernize philanthropy, and the app that will save you from a bad landlord. Pairs well with a big mug of hot cocoa by the fire.
What's Good in Tech Issue 8
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Bad Landlord? These Coders Are Here to Help

A renegade coalition of housing justice advocates forms in Brooklyn. Their latest product unearths the details on abusive landlords who secretly run multiple buildings under shell corporations.

The Giving Strategy with Unexpected Impact

Sometimes (a little) money can buy happiness. Shannon Farley breaks down why giving to small organizations delivers big returns. The reasons might surprise you.

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Wildlife Research

Tech nonprofit Wildbook harnesses the power of AI (and YouTube) to monitor and protect giraffes, whose populations have decreased 40% in the last 30 years.


Positive Tech News
Photo credit: Bernard Osei

Behind The Nonprofit That Coaches At-Risk Students and Heals Trauma — One Text at a Time

A teenage student, homeless and disconnected from his family after serving time in prison, is finding the support he needs via a text-based mental health product.

How Mobile Phones are Helping Farmers Grow Bigger Harvests

In more positive tech news, Mali-based tech nonprofit myAgro, built an app enabling un-banked farmers to save money for seeds and fertilizers that increase yields come harvest time.

‘Facebook for Disasters’ App Helped Indonesian Neighbors Save Lives

In the face of natural disasters like floods and earthquakes, a mobile app is coming to the rescue. 1M people in Indonesia are now using AtmaGo, a mobile app that connects community members to take action. Puerto Rico is next.

Positive Tech News
Photo credit: Victoria Heath via Unsplash

Why Doxing Is a Permanent Part of Our Online Reality—and How to Handle It

Katie, an online advocate for getting more women playing the game Magic, had nowhere to turn when she was doxed online… until she found Online SOS.

Forbes 30 Under 30

Forbes 30 under 30 is live, and it features two Fast Forward alumni. They’re fighting for the rights of refugees, and driving towards a world of zero food waste.

Positive Tech News
Photo credit: Gabriella Angotti-Jones via The New York Times

A Call To Modernize American Philanthropy

A new book by Edgar Villanueva, “Decolonizing Wealth: Indigenous Wisdom to Heal Divides and Restore Balance,” asserts American philanthropy is still rooted in a colonial mindset. But there’s an alternative approach.

Why 20 Million Americans Should File for Bankruptcy

Fact: Over 20M Americans would benefit from Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Now Fast Forward alum is democratizing access for those who need the financial lifeline most.

Positive Tech News
Photo credit: Chris Hondros via Getty Images

Can Apps Help Veterans Suffering From PTSD?

Justin Miller’s life was saved by a serendipitous phone call, inspiring him to build an app connecting other veterans in crisis with support in under five minutes.

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