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Pitch Camp

Pitching: it’s a critical skill for tech nonprofits. Whether you’re a founder, an intern, or somewhere in between, a strong pitch will help you mobilize people to support your cause. That’s where Fast Forward Pitch Camp comes in. 

Fast Forward Pitch Camp is a virtual event that teaches tech nonprofit employees how to craft and deliver a powerful pitch. Through targeted training and hands-on practice sessions with volunteers from top companies, you’ll leave knowing how to effectively tell your story. 

97% of tech nonprofit participants believe they have a stronger pitch following Pitch Camp. Yep, it’s that good. If you’re interested in participating, sign up using the button below. To learn more about Pitch Camp, check out our FAQ.



“Pitch Camp helped me understand exactly what was - and wasn’t - working in my pitch. The volunteers were incredibly helpful and made me feel comfortable presenting.”

- Tech Nonprofit Pitch Camp Participant

How it Works


Learn what makes a compelling pitch and workshop your own


Get real-time feedback from employees at top companies


Meet employees interested in supporting organizations like yours


“I had an incredible time at Pitch Camp. I was so inspired by the tech nonprofits and the amazing impact that they’re having in communities around the world. I was so invested. Thank you for this memorable experience.”

- Pitch Camp Volunteer from Partner Company

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What is Pitch Camp?

Pitch Camp is a two-hour virtual workshop for tech nonprofit team members, hosted by Fast Forward and our partner companies. Participants learn the building blocks of an effective elevator pitch, craft their own pitch, and then have the opportunity to practice their pitch with trained volunteers from partner companies who offer real-time feedback. In addition to helping you hone your story, Pitch Camp is a great opportunity to meet both tech nonprofits and employees interested in supporting nonprofits and tech for good solutions.

Who is eligible for Pitch Camp?

We require that all participants work at tech nonprofits. A tech nonprofit is a tech startup that has selected a nonprofit business model to scale impact, not profit.

How can I volunteer for Pitch Camp?

Please reach out to partner@ffwd.org if you’re interested in volunteering and/or if you’d like to learn more about hosting a Pitch Camp for your company.

I have more questions about Pitch Camp. Where can I find answers?

Check out our robust FAQ for more information about Pitch Camp, including event format.

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