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weatherHYDE Co-Founder 2.0

Rolling Deadline  |  Full-Time Job  |  Telecommute


weatherHYDE Co-founder 2.0

Full-time position

Location: Global

Who We Are 

billionBricks is an innovation studio that uses design and technology as tools to innovate shelter solutions for the homeless and the vulnerable. Co-founded by Prasoon Kumar in 2013, we have impacted 5,055 people from 9 countries. We’ve built homes and schools for the homeless and youth across India, Cambodia & Malaysia. Our first innovation called weatherHYDE, is a life-saving emergency shelter that won the 2018 Singapore President’s Design Award and was described by Ashton Kutcher “innovation at its finest.”

billionBricks is evolving into a new phase of growth and impact. After 6 years of researching and developing new shelter solutions, we are spinning off weatherHYDE into a new independent non-profit enterprise. The new leadership will be growth-oriented and accelerate its impact.We are looking for an exceptional individual to lead this revolutionary concept.

For more background on weatherHYDE, please visit these links:

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Current status of weatherHYDE

As of 2019, weatherHYDE is in use by over 4,000 homeless in 8 countries. The dominant being India (disaster displaced), United States (urban homeless) and Bangladesh (refugees). We have been averaging deployment of 500 weatherHYDEs every year for the last two years.

weatherHYDE is the world’s first triple-layer insulated all-weather shelter designed to save the lives of homeless individuals who live in life-threatening extreme weather conditions. Inspired by a 2013 incident in India where 30 children died when sleeping in the open. Its potential was understood after the 2015 Nepal earthquake where international humanitarian organisations struggled to respond to shelter needs as the seasons changed and millions continued to suffer for months.

Prototyped in 2015, a pilot was undertaken in 2016 after receiving funding from Autodesk Foundation. In 2016, stories of weatherHYDE went viral over social media crossing 50 million views worldwide. It was funded on Kickstarter where it raised over US$100,000 and became one of the largest non-profit product campaigns on the platform. First mass deployments were undertaken in 2017 in India, Bangladesh and the United States. We also made several commercial sales through channels such as ‘Touch of Modern’. We continued fundraising, product improvement and deployment through 2018 and 2019.

It is often believed that it takes about three years for a product to be ready for scale. weatherHYDE is at that cusp with the following pipeline:

  1. Advanced funding conversations for more than 2,000 weatherHYDEs
  2. Disney x weatherHYDE brand partnership (signed)
  3. Deployment partnership (signed) with Goonj (India’s largest disaster relief organisation) in India
  4. Funding to build a new fundraising platform called ‘World of Dreams’

weatherHYDE Co-founder 2.0

We invite you to lead this phase of growth and impact as Co-founder 2.0 & CEO.

We’re seeking an exceptional leader who cares for the world, embraces challenge and is craving to build an innovative organisation-. A strategic thinker and doer, above everything, s(he) has to believe in the power of an audacious idea that can pave the way to saving precious lives and changing the world forever.

You will make exceptional personal commitment with a personal financial runway to work without a salary for at least 6-months. During this period, you will build the strategy and close the existing funding leads.

You can be based anywhere in the world from where you can stay connected with the funders, manufacturers, deployment partners and the community of weatherHYDE users. You will be astute in building and running a business independently. You would be someone in search for the right idea before you take the plunge into the risky, yet exciting life of an entrepreneur. With weatherHYDE, you will have a good-to-go idea with a proof of concept, ready to be scaled. While still not easy, weatherHYDE is a validated product making the switch less risky to become Co-founder 2.0.

Skills & Experience Preferred 

  • A growth hacker, expertise in marketing, sales or fundraising will be highly advantageous.
  • Prior experience in the humanitarian sector is preferred.
  • International working experience.
  • Strong track record of managing and growing teams, establishing systems and KPIs, and driving both revenue and profitability.
  • An astute thinker who can manage risks and problem solve.
  • Analytical and data-driven, with a keen knowledge of budget processes and tools.
  • Strong emotional intelligence and a team player.
  • A change agent who is excited about continuous improvement and challenges the status quo.
  • Grit and tenacity to work through ambiguity and unforeseen challenges.
  • Absolutely passionate and committed to ending global homelessness. Read more about our values here.

How to Apply? 

We’re open to applicants from all parts of the world.

Join our mission by sending a creative note to ​hello@billionbricks.org​ and amanda@billionbricks.org. Include your written motivation with clear mention of what you can bring to BillionBricks, together with all the following details:

  • Linked in profile
  • One page CV
  • One key reference
  • A letter of motivation indicating “why you think the weatherHYDE concept could fail without you”.
  • Current compensation

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