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Over the last six years, the original and current members of the BitGive Foundation Board of Directors have made significant contributions to the organization’s growth and success. BitGive is looking to bring on new board members to support the organization’s next level of growth.

This provides an outline for our shared values, what skills we are seeking for our Board, our strategic goals, and outlines the board nomination process.

Shared Values:

As we reach out to the business community as a whole it is important that we have a clear core criteria to ensure that new board members share in our collective values as follows:

  • We believe technology has the power to multiply the positive impact of philanthropy by streamlining charitable operations
  • We believe Bitcoin’s blockchain technology specifically will improve results while increasing transparency, trust, and investments in nonprofits around the globe

Board Member Attributes:

In order to achieve Strategic Planning goals, the Foundation is focused on attracting board members who are:

Fundraisers:​ BitGive Foundation is proud of the growing list of nonprofit organizations we’ve helped as well as donors we’ve delivered significant impact for. We want to reach more communities with transparent, impactful programs, and that takes funding.

Attorney / Legal Expert: ​We have a great team of attorneys we can consult as needed. We’re looking for an attorney at the Board level for high level guidance, general oversight, and who can tell us when we need to reach out for an expert opinion.

Ambassadors​:​ ​Five years of success! BitGive is looking for board members who will help tell our unique story.

Blockchain technology evangelists: ​BitGive’s mission is to empower philanthropy. Experts who understand Bitcoin will help to grow the community that can benefit from this revolutionary technology.

Nonprofit experts who embrace technology:​ New technologies give nonprofit new tools for accountability and impact. BitGive is looking for leaders who will share the possibilities with their peers.

Ecosystem builders: ​BitGive is committed to expanding opportunities for everyone. That’s why the Foundation is looking for board members​ ​who are focused on building the blockchain ecosystem.

Talent scouts: ​The Foundation is growing rapidly. Board members​ ​who can keep an eye out for potential employees, advisors, consultants, and talent will be key to the organization’s success in the future.





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