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Seeking Web Developers For Established Team

Rolling Deadline  |  Volunteer  |  , CA US


We are a not-for-profit social media community at with one mission: helping our members worldwide find happiness, success, and friendship.

NUMBER ONE: We only bring those on board who first recognize that he/she loves our mission, and the concept of what we are trying to do. Please only apply after you first visit our two main websites: and and after understanding our mission.
We are a diverse team of volunteers, all of whom do coding, marketing, and finance work for the company. If you are only interested in doing one thing, and only that, we are not the opportunity for you. If you are only interested in getting ‘experience’ and your reasons for applying are more about you instead of being about wanting to help others, we are not the opportunity for you.

However, if you love the idea of truly helping others, learning how to become a better coder/marketer/financier, helping us build and maintain the community (and other websites), and also helping out with marketing and finance issues, you will fit in great here.In other words, while we each have our specialties, we all chip in with coding, marketing, and finance jobs. is always seeking enthusiastic volunteer full-stack, front end, and/or back end web developers and coders who are easy to work with to join our coding team. We accept both experienced individuals and those who require training. The top requirements are:

Enthusiasm & a great attitude
Great love and passion for the concept of our mission
Willingness to be a team player

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