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Senior Associate - Program Fund Raising

Rolling Deadline  |  Full-Time Job  |  India


Basic job information
Job title: Senior Associate – Program Fund Raising
Unit: Development (Fund Raising)

Reports to: Manager, Development

Location: Bangalore

Purpose of role

The main purpose of this job is to provide support to the Managers towards forging intellectual and financial partnerships with high net worth individuals, global corporate houses and philanthropies to ensure long term organisational sustainability of Civic Learning Programs of Janaagraha.

Main duties
Research and create a list of select Global corporate houses, HNI’s and philanthropies for strategic partnerships
Collate and coordinate data required from Program and Finance Teams and prepare presentations and proposals for grant requests to prospects and also grant utilization reports for donors
Collate and prepare draft donor reports by working with programs
Support program with donor engagement and volunteering initiatives
Support the Manager in reaching out and making presentations to key external stakeholders on Janaagraha Vision and Mission.
Ensure proper usage of Sales Force dot com to record data pertaining to “prospects” and “donors”
Provide support to the Managers in day to day management of Program Grants
Ensure organisational cash flow expectations by planning and managing Program Fundraising targets

Daily: Development Team, Civic Learning & Participation Program Team, Communications Team and Finance.
Weekly: Manager
Monthly: Executive Committee

Daily: Manage key stakeholders in potential and existing donor partnerships on a daily basis to help move organisations from “prospect” to “donor” status
Weekly: Ensure activation of donor engagement calendar by reaching out to and managing strategic partners
Monthly: Reach out to senior level staff at strategic partners to monitor and evaluate partnership deliverables
People: Line Management responsibility of interns/volunteers on Civic Learning & Participation Fund Raising Tasks.
Communications: Janaagraha communication material like Annual and Quarterly Reports as well as specific program related collateral
Financial: Delegated Budget for running of Civic Learning & Participation Fund Raising partnerships and provides input to Civic Learning / Participation Budget Planning.
Knowledge and experience
Formal qualifications in management coupled with a proven track record in sales and marketing is desirable.
The ideal candidate will have 3 to 5 years of relevant work experience in a Corporate or Non-profit organization
Proficiency in all of the standard IT packages used in the office as well as Sales Force Dot Com.
Skill required in Excel to generate management information reports for Civic Learning Fund Raising Partnerships
Must have proven ability to communicate verbally and electronically with very senior professionals
Organization Skills
Planning and organizing:
Must be able to plan annual revenue targets and subsequently create annual strategies and tactics which can support the Civic Learning and Participation Revenue Plans.
Work in tandem with the Development, Civic Learning, Civic Participation, Communications, Operations and Engagement Team to ensure donor specific engagement, communications and utilization plan and their realization
Organize necessary information from program and finance teams to write grant proposals and utilization reports
Coordinate the day-to-day work of interns/volunteers, who provide support to the Civic Learning Fund raising Team.
Prepare and monitor progress reports on Civic Learning and Participation Donor Partnerships
The job holder supports the Manager in putting together basic management information reports from Sales Force Dot Com, which can involve analyzing information on grant deliverables, attrition of donors.
Prepare, monitor and evaluate donor engagement plan for Civic Learning/ Participation Donor Partnerships
Initiative and innovation:
Is expected to find ways of improving processes for Civic Learning/ Participation Fund Raising Unit to ensure greater productivity and also lower cost of fundraising.
Working with others:
Tact, diplomacy and the ability to be passionate about impact are required as Janaagraha is a very driven organization and this requires a constant optimization of existing resources which the job holder is expected to resolve. The job-holder is also required to manage relationships with very senior stakeholders in very large organizations to ensure that strategic partnerships are forged with regularity to help create urban transformation.
Environmental demands
While the environment in Janaagraha is a very positive and inspiring one, the job entails managing a revenue model which draws from grants and donations. This would require considerable demands on time as most stakeholders are very senior professionals or industrialists and normal work days are scheduled as per their convenience.
Other essential requirements
The job involves significant travel to major metros of India ranging from 5 to 7 working days in a month and also contributing towards organisation building activities by participating in cross functional team led projects

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