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Software Engineer

Rolling Deadline  |  Full-Time Job  |  Telecommute


About the role:

As a Software Engineer at UPchieve, you’ll build your skills and learn best practices while improving our code and pushing changes to production. You’ll help define our product by participating in our product management process and learn how to balance feature development with tech initiatives while maintaining production-ready code. You’ll learn cutting edge methods for confidently deploying as fast as you develop. We’re also an open-source organization, so all the work you do at UPchieve will be something you can show off and be proud of.

Our tech stack

Our current stack includes:

  • Vue
  • Websockets
  • Node.js and TypeScript
  • MongoDB
  • Azure Cloud and Kubernetes

The Skillset

  • You know JavaScript and are interested in using it for frontend and backend development, but may not know where, or if, you want to specialize.
  • You’ve graduated from a coding bootcamp OR have a CS degree OR you have a portfolio that demonstrates your knowledge of JavaScript.
  • You are unendingly curious and are the kind of person who wants to know how the tool you’re using works. You learn quickly because you love learning. The only constant is change, in software development especially.

Within 1 Month, You’ll:

  • Get on-boarded by our team so you understand our relationships with students, volunteers and corporate partners.
  • See what the tutoring experience is like by reviewing a session.
  • Get familiar with our codebase by writing tests and doing refactoring.
  • Push your first changes to production.

Within 3 Months, You’ll:

  • Be a major contributor to new features and be shipping to production multiple times per week.
  • Get familiar with our metrics and analytics to see the effect of code changes.
  • Have talked directly with users to learn the impact of your work.

Within 6 Months, You’ll:

  • Have proposed an idea for how to make the product better and seen it delivered to users.
  • Be code reviewing contributions from our open source community.


To apply, please email the following to recruitment@upchieve.org (and make sure to tell us what role you’re applying for!):

  • Some form of employment history (e.g., resume, LinkedIn profile, AngelList profile, etc.)

  • One paragraph (max 6 sentences) in the body of your email on what most excited you about this job. Why are you applying?

  • Any role-specific application materials requested above


We strongly believe that nonprofit professionals deserve to be paid the same as their for-profit peers, and our eventual goal is to pay a competitive market rate for all roles. Given our small size, we have a cap on salaries of $100K in 2021. We plan to raise our salary cap as we scale and impact the lives of more low-income students across the country.


100k cap


3 weeks paid vacation AND 3 weeks of paid holidays (including all days between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day)

Flexible work schedule (choose your own hours)

$1,000 annual professional development budget (if you don’t grow during your time here, we’ve failed!)

Health insurance reimbursements of up $300/month ($600/month for families)

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