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Voluntaree / Public Relations

Rolling Deadline  |  Volunteer  |  New Brunswick, NJ US


OurSociety is powered by volunteers just like you! If you’ve got some spare time and have been looking to become involved in something that can make a real and positive difference in the lives of millions of people consider helping us out! Check out the opportunities below and contact us if you would be interested in helping us create the OurSociety vision of a more inclusive, equitable, and engaged democracy!
Civic Engagement Seminars

OurSociety team members are required to conduct civic engagement seminars at their local High School as part of their employment. We discuss what the students think of civic engagement, its value in modern society, and participation. We talk about society and ask the students to share their vision of a better world, eventually breaking it down into a community project they can develop and present to local leadership. Finally we partner with local municipalities to have locally elected officials visit the class to discuss the proposals demonstrating that local civic engagement has real and tangible results.
Sound like something you’d be interested in participating in? Let us know! We’ll help train you on our class structure, provide you with materials, and a work with you to create a path of action to help impact your community. It takes a few hours of prep time and an hour for the seminar, that’s it! Help us empower a new generation to reimagine democracy.

We’re looking for developers interested in helping us continue to improve and build upon the OurSociety platform. Our stack is Cake PHP Front End, mySQL backend database, Nginx as the web server, and Anisble for config management. If you have time to consult or develop we want to hear from you!
Social Media

Are you a Social Media guru? Can you help us spread the word to the millions of people who’ve never heard of us? If you believe in the OurSociety vision and what we are creating than get in touch, we could really use your help!
Graphic Designers / Marketing

OurSociety is only as powerful as its user base. We could change democracy tomorrow if we could snap our fingers and have 6 million users but we all know that it takes time. If you have a mind for marketing strategy and/or are a graphic design pro we really want to meet you!
Public Relations

Do you have a long list of incredible contacts who enjoy writing about politics, democracy, or big visionary organizations? Do you enjoy building relationships to help further a greater purpose? If so you should let us know! We could really use your help.
Non-Profit LeadersAre you involved in an existing non-profit that shares values with the OurSociety experiment? Do you have experience operating in a non-profit environment? We’d love to hear from you about how we can work together!

Our you an educator or an administrator in educational institutions? We want to spread the paradigm of a transparent, radically engaged democracy to everyone, but especially to our youth. We have some great ideas on how to make that happen but would love to hear from you!

Are you deeply familiar with the way political campaigns and politics currently operates? Are you ready to reimagine the process? We could use your insight and feedback!

A good legal mind is hard to find. If you’re familiar with non-profit law and regulations and want to act as a counsel for our project please reach out to us.

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