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Games for Love - Volunteer Coordinator

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Volunteer Coordinator (volunteer – no salary)

No salary

This is a volunteer position.

————–ABOUT US————–

Games for Love is a 501(c)(3) Charity dedicated to easing the suffering of children, and saving lives of children internationally. We are very engaged in the entirety of the gaming ecosystem, from fan to professional. Our programs are designed in a way for children we work with to be able to be engaged with our programs for life, and every gamer as well across the ecosystem – to create a sustainable future.

We have 7 different programs:

Games for love experience (#GFLX) – going into hospitals for kids for gaming events, grant equipment, scholarships, and teach how gaming helps kids in the healing process.

1up LifeBRIDGE – partners with hospitals in developing countries to provide treatments, potentially-life-saving, to kids who do not have cash or credit up front when sick or injured, as all hospitals require in most developing countries. Studies show 70% of child deaths under 5 are totally treatable, and unnecessary.

Kids of Code – Teaches kids we grant scholarships to how to code from reading level to teen. The concept of the program is to be an on-demand platform, for-free, for-life, for the purpose of bringing in-demand STEM skills to children who have faced adversity to become functional in as little as 90-days.

Scholarships – To give children with dreams and aspirations of attending College, or University the opportunity through our character-based scholarship programs.

Interns International – Gives Students, and aspiring developers an opportunity to engage with our cloud-based teams to gain real-world team experience that they can utilize for resume building, gaining mentorship, references, and letters of recommendation to enter the professional world of tech, and games.

League of Pros – For any professional in gaming, or tech the opportunity to give back by volunteering their skills to one of our many small team projects. Streamers, eSports Pros, Developers, Artists, Animators, Engineers, and much more!

Community – Beyond a charity, we are a community of passionate fans and gamers who are uniting for the cause of helping children and giving back to the the children who need it most.

————–ABOUT THE ROLE————–

Volunteer Coordinator

This role has a few different facets to it regarding our volunteers-

  1. Assisting with the coordination all of our volunteers to the correct programs and getting them plugged into the best fits for them depending on their interest, and personal goals.

  2. Meeting with individuals, and companies to talk about our programs, and recruit new volunteers. Managing our systems for onboarding, and communicating with volunteers to make sure they have a fantastic experience within our organization.

  3. Assisting with our Interns Int’l, and League of Pros specifically, you will be promoting our volunteers to tech and gaming companies to assist with plugging in valuable members of our community into the gaming and tech industry at large.


Will be someone who:

Is dependable.
Does what they say they will do.
Is on-time when they say they will be there.
Has some experience in gaming and/or non-profit organizations.
Understand we dont have a budget for this position yet.
Still wants to help in any way they can for kids.
Someone who can communicate regularly.
Gets back to others in a timely fashion.
Interested in helping others.
Be nice to others.
Listen first before speaking.
Understand other points of view.

College degree is a plus
Gaming experience is a plus
Non-Profit experience is a plus

————–HOW TO APPLY————–

Just follow the system here on and push the button to indicate that you are interested, and we will be in touch!

Games for love is an equal opportunity organization. We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, veteran status, genetic information, marital status or any other legally protected status.

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