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  • 1947 Partition Archive

    1947 Partition Archive

    Documenting the people’s history of India’s 1947 Partition through a digital platform that crowdsources witness oral histories globally.


    Education, Arts & Culture, Human Rights

  • 38 Degrees

    38 Degrees

    38 Degrees is a community of millions of ordinary people who live all across the UK who work together on diverse issues to bring about real change.


    Health & Healthcare, Education, Environment, Food & Agriculture, Arts & Culture, Human Rights, Poverty Alleviation & Economic Development, Public Service & Civic Engagement

  • 3dp4me


    Our mission is to serve real human needs with practical 3D printing.

    Our first project is to provide 12,000 hearing aids, over 5 years, to Syrian refugees and low-income clients in Jordan. We are excited to use new mobile 3D ear scanning technology in our service delivery model.

    Help us “give the gift of hearing”!

    Middle East

    Health & Healthcare

  • 7000 Languages

    7000 Languages

    We create free online language-learning courses in partnership with Indigenous, minority, and refugee communities so they can keep their languages alive.


    Education, Arts & Culture

  • 80,000 Hours

    80,000 Hours

    80,000 Hours helps people choose careers with the maximum social impact.



  • Aaroogya


    Create awareness by training front line workers, doing health screenings, and using AI tools and data modeling to do risk profiling in rural India.

    Asia, India

    Health & Healthcare, Education

  • AbleThrive


    AbleThrive makes it easier for families to find the resources online they need to thrive with a disability.


    Health & Healthcare, Public Service & Civic Engagement

  • AccesSOS


    To make it possible for people with limited English proficiency and deaf/hard of hearing people to quickly contact 911 through text messages (SMS).

    United States

    Health & Healthcare, Public Service & Civic Engagement

  • Adopt A Classroom

    Adopt A Classroom’s mission is to give teachers a hand and provide needed classroom materials so their students can succeed.

    United States


  • Adoption-Share, Inc.

    Adoption-Share, Inc.

    Adoption-Share leverages technology to create families and promote better outcomes for kids in foster care.

    United States

    Public Service & Civic Engagement