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Beneficial Bio

Provides low-cost, accessible, and sustainable lab reagents to scientists in resource limited labs around the world.

Founded: 2019 by Stephane Fadanka, Jenny Molloy

  • Program Area

    Health & Healthcare
  • Location of Impact

  • Headquarters Location

    Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • Product Platforms

  • Budget

    $0 to $500,000
  • Founder Demographics

    Female, Racial or Ethnicity Minority

We founded our network because as biologists ourselves, we were tired of paying too much for reagents that took too long to arrive and didn’t serve our needs. We knew this wasn’t just a problem in our own labs, but also in resource-limited labs around the world. And if we were going to help the world use biotechnology to benefit society, we needed a better way to procure reagents and keep our projects moving. By partnering with scientist-owned companies in Africa, Latin America, and elsewhere, we are here to provide you with tools and services quickly, at a fair price, and with the specialized local support you need to do your best science.