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BitGive: Leveraging Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology to revolutionize global philanthropy.

Founded: 2013 by Connie Gallippi

  • Program Area

    Health & Healthcare, Education, Environment, Human Rights, Poverty Alleviation & Economic Development
  • Location of Impact

  • Headquarters Location

    Oakland, CA, California, United States
  • Product Platforms

    Web, Mobile Apps, Open Source
  • Budget

    $0 to $500,000
  • Founder Demographics


Founded in 2013, BitGive is the first Bitcoin 501(c)(3) nonprofit, giving it tax exemption status at the federal level in the United States. BitGive has built a positive philanthropic representative organization for the Bitcoin and Blockchain industry, bridging the gap between an innovative technology and its practical applications for nonprofits and humanitarian work in the developing world. BitGive has established strong partnerships and raised funds with well-known nonprofits including Save the Children, The Water Project, TECHO, Medic Mobile, and more. In 2015, BitGive announced its Bitcoin Charity 2.0 Initiative, which includes a variety of projects aimed at leveraging Bitcoin and blockchain technology to benefit charitable organizations worldwide. Our flagship project is GiveTrack™, a revolutionary donation platform for nonprofits to provide transparency and accountability to donors by sharing financial information and direct project results in real time. BitGive has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal, US News and World Report, Non Profit Times, Inside Philanthropy, Chronicle of Philanthropy, and more. Ms. Gallippi, BitGive’s Founder and Executive Director, has presented internationally on the social impact of Bitcoin and Blockchain.

Funders and Awards

KncMiner, Bitcoin Development Fund, BitPay, Zlatin Balevsky, Jeff Garzik, Roger Ver, Eugene Jhong, Allison Coleman Payne, Harris Guy Barrett II, Matthew Roszak/Tally Capital, Xapo, LibraTax, Brooke & William Mallers, Dawn & Justin Newton, James D. Robinson