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Citizenship Education For All

Founded: 2018 by Ali Berry, May Samali, Mehrdad Baghai

  • Program Area

    Education, Public Service & Civic Engagement
  • Location of Impact

    Australia, United States
  • Headquarters Location

    San Francisco, CA, North America
  • Product Platforms

    Web, Open Source
  • Budget

    $500,000 to $1,000,000
  • Founder Demographics

    Female, Racial or Ethnicity Minority, LGBTQ

Composer is the first digital platform to offer educators a comprehensive collection of resources for citizenship education. Composer was founded as a collaborative initiative between High Resolves, Facing History and Ourselves, iCivics, Generation Citizen, and Peace First for teaching citizenship through civic learning, social justice, social and emotional learning, and global competence. Composer features 1,000 learning experiences from dozens of the world’s leading content providers. The platform is grounded in learning science to support educators with curriculum planning. In Fall 2019, 455 users from 113 schools across North America and Australia participated in a private beta of the platform. Since launching in April 2020, Composer is publicly available as a free tool for educators.

Funders and Awards

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Imaginable Futures, a venture of the Omidyar Group
Mehrdad Baghai McNulty Prize Winner 2018