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Curious Learning

Curious Learning puts apps in the hands of children who would otherwise never learn to read.

Founded: 2014 by Tinsley Galyean,
Stephanie Gottwald

  • Program Area

  • Location of Impact

    Global, Africa, Asia
  • Headquarters Location

    Amesbury, Massachussets, United States
  • Product Platforms

    Mobile Apps, Open Source
  • Budget

    $500,000 to $1,000,000
  • Founder Demographics


Curious Learning works with partners to curate & localize and distribute & measure free open source apps that empower everyone to have the opportunity to learn to read. Literacy is the foundation for all learning and everyone who wants to learn to read should have access to the opportunity to do so. In an effort to step in where governments and societies have not, Curious Learning is committed to partnering to help build open solutions that anyone can use to learn to read.

Funders and Awards

Tufts University New Ventures Competition, Roddenberry Catalyst Grant, UNESCO, Government of South Australia: Department for Education and Child Development, Google, MTN South Africa, University of California- San Francisco, Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation-NORAD, UNICEF, World Bank- DIME, WorldEd, Excelsoft, MIT McGovern Institute