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Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights

Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights is a nonprofit association that develops and promotes Transparency and Freedom-Enabling Technologies.

Founded: 2012 by Fabio Pietrosanti (Founding Member & President)

  • Program Area

    Human Rights, Public Service & Civic Engagement
  • Location of Impact

    Global, Europe
  • Headquarters Location

    Milan , Italy
  • Product Platforms

    Web, Mobile Apps, Open Source
  • Budget

    $0 to $500,000

The Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights's mission is to promote and develop in the society the awareness of and the attention to transparency and accountability, be they related to the society-at-large or not. Their goal is to increase citizens’ involvement in the management of matters of public interest and to boost the active participation of workers and employees to the correct management of corporations and companies they work for.

Accordingly, the Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights mission includes;
  • Supporting and developing free software with the purpose of increasing the Freedom of Speech online and, more in general, the protection of rights and personal freedom in a connected world;
  • Supporting and developing the whistleblowing free-software solution named “GlobaLeaks” aimed at private and public organizations which shall be free to adopt the same software for their initiatives;
  • Taking part in associations or organizations which share the same goals as the Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights in the field of promotion and protection of civil liberties, anonymity in a connected world, whistleblowing, freedom of speech and investigative journalism;
  • Supporting the development and promotion of the Tor2web project and of the TOR network and tools thereof in general;
  • Supporting the development and actual management of the LeakDirectory website, listing whistleblowing websites;
  • Hosting or attending events aimed at increasing the culture of Transparency (i.e., public-interest whistleblowing, OpenData, OpenGovernment etc.)

Funders and Awards

Fondazione Ahref, Binario Etico, Radio Free Asia, Freedom2connect Program, USAID Serbia,, Project, Olaf Selke, Aaron Swartz, Many Tor Project people, Davide Del Monte of Transparency International Italia, Giorgio Fraschini of Transparency International Italia, Whistleblowing Austria (Walter Gehr)