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Limbitless Solutions

To empower confidence and increase accessibility in the limb difference community through art-infused bionics.

Founded: 2014 by Albert Manero II, Tyler Petresky

  • Program Area

    Health & Healthcare
  • Location of Impact

    United States
  • Headquarters Location

    Orlando, Florida, United States
  • Product Platforms

  • Budget

    $1,000,000 +

Imagine a society where bionic arms are no less common than glasses or braces, and children learn that science is a tool to help make a better world.

Limbitless Solutions advance personalized bionics and solutions. They are beginning clinical trials for children and teenagers and are now collecting information from those with limb differences for this trial and future clinical trials.

Funders and Awards

Autodesk, Strataysys, Adobe, Curley & Pynn, 343 Industries, Create X Colors, Riot Games