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OpenAQ 2019

An open-source platform leveraging open data to fight global air inequality

Founded: 2015 by Christa Hasenkopf, Joseph Flasher

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    Washington, District Of Columbia, United States
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    $0 to $500,000
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The OpenAQ mission is to fight air inequality by opening up air quality data and connecting a diverse global, grassroots community of individuals and organizations. We seek to build and maintain an open-source project to a) Power an open air quality and meta-data platform, b) Foster the full ecosystem of uses of these open data in multiple sectors, c) Provide a platform for organizations to share their air quality data openly, use open data best practices, and help search for new data and meta-data sources d) Connect a global, grassroots community of individuals and organizations invested in open air quality and e) Help organizations and individuals find best practices in opening up their own data and creating new air quality data

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