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Unstructured Studio

Unstructured Studio develops learning technologies, activities, and resources to engage children form under-resourced settings in creative learning experiences.

Founded: 2020 by Srishti Sethi, Suchakrapani Datt Sharma

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    Toronto, Canada
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  • Budget

    $0 to $500,000
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At Unstructured Studio, we believe that a "tinkering mindset" is important for today's youth. Tinkering helps inculcate the essential 21st-century skills (4Cs: communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking) they need to thrive in this ever-changing world. Therefore, we endeavor to sow seeds of tinkering in young minds, ensure they have equitable access to resources, and empower them to become creative and responsible problem solvers of the future. Our mission is to foster a “tinkering mindset” in children from under-resourced communities. We design and develop learning technologies, activities and resources to engage children from underserved communities in creative learning experiences.