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Zidisha is the first online microlending community that directly connects lenders and borrowers — no matter the distance or disparity between them.

Founded: 2009 by Julia Kurnia

  • Program Area

    Health & Healthcare, Education, Environment, Food & Agriculture, Arts & Culture, Human Rights, Poverty Alleviation & Economic Development, Public Service & Civic Engagement
  • Location of Impact

  • Headquarters Location

    Sterling , Virginia, United States
  • Product Platforms

    Web, Mobile Apps, SMS
  • Budget

    $1,000,000 +
  • Founder Demographics


Zidisha is the world's first direct peer-to-peer lending service to bridge the international wealth divide, allowing individuals worldwide to lend to and communicate with borrowers in developing countries without local intermediaries. The direct connection creates better transparency, more profit for the entrepreneurs and lenders, and greater wealth creation for the world's poorest communities. Zidisha uses internet and mobile phone technologies to connect entrepreneurs in some of the world's most isolated and impoverished places with the international peer-to-peer lending market. More than 50,000 people worldwide have started using Zidisha.