Be My Eyes - Fast Forward

Lend your eyes to help the visually impaired

Lend Your Eyes

Be My Eyes enables any sighted person to lend their eyes to help the blind or visually impaired. As a volunteer, you’ll get a ping when a user requests help, and you can accept the request at your convenience.

Once connected, you’ll see the world through the user’s camera, and can support with things like reading a train schedule, turning down the thermostat, or making sure an outfit matches.


Be My Eyes is an extremely powerful platform whose time has come. Be My Eyes is my go-to-resource for those times when greater independence can best be achieved by knowing when and how to ask for help. – Visually Impaired User

I love answering calls because it humbles me that low vision or blind people go through a lot of extra work just to get through daily life… To be able to make it easier for them means the world to me. [Volunteering] always makes me smile even if I’m having a bad day. – Sighted Volunteer


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