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Peer Counselor

Empower Work is the textline delivering free, instant, and confidential support to employees. From navigating hostile work environments to wondering if a situation is normal, anyone can text 510–674–1414 to connect with a peer counselor.

Peer counselors volunteer their time and skills to help people feel understood, heard, and empowered. As a volunteer peer counselor, you’ll be pinged when there is demand for text-based support.

Note: Requires Training


I have really started to think about the way I respond to people at work… When people come to me, I try to ask probing questions and figure out what the real problem may be rather than assuming. – Empower Work Volunteer Peer Counselor

Every conversation I have is a meaningful and rewarding experience. Helping someone transition from a frustrating and devastating work experience at the start of a conversation into a clear, organized, and committed plan by the end of the chat is a powerful experience. – Empower Work Volunteer Peer Counselor

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