Objective Zero - Fast Forward

A few minutes of support gets us one step closer to zero veteran suicides


20 Veterans die by suicide everyday. That’s a rate 2x that of our non-Veteran population. Objective Zero aims to bring Veteran suicides down to zero by connecting them with peer supporters like you. You don’t need to be a Veteran or behavioral health specialist to become an Ambassador, and just a few minutes a week could save a life.

Download the app, create a profile, complete a training and you’re on your way to saving a life.

Note: Requires Training


It could be the last time a person reaches out for help. Being there to listen can make a difference in one finding hope to keep going on. – Objective Zero Ambassador

Being an Ambassador for Objective Zero is my way of giving back to the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our freedom which comes at a great cost to them. – Objective Zero Ambassador


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