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The State of Diversity and Funding in the Tech Nonprofit Sector

Tech nonprofit diversity is the ray of light in the dark and seemingly endless conversations around diversity – or the lack thereof – in the tech space. It’s proven that diverse teams perform better, yet dismal diversity reports are the norm in Silicon Valley and beyond. But we’re seeing something different in the tech nonprofit


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From 1st Meeting to Long-Term Funding, How to Navigate Tech Nonprofit Fundraising

Can you guess what tech nonprofit entrepreneurs ask us about the MOST every single year? That’s right, nonprofit fundraising. Despite the fact that all startups – for-profit, nonprofit, and unintentionally nonprofit – must fundraise (sometimes forever) there’s still something about raising philanthropic dollars that sounds ultra intimidating. How do you work with corporations versus institutions


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What’s Good in Tech, Issue 6

Accelerator season may be over here at Fast Forward, but that doesn’t mean the tech for good news is slowing down! This month in What’s Good in Tech we’re serving up: grants for global expansion, the way teens *really* want to learn sex ed, Melinda Gates’ tech philanthropy goals, and more. ᐧ   Real


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Start Spreadin’ The News…Our NYC Accelerator with BlackRock Was a Success

As one of Fast Forward’s earliest partners, BlackRock has championed Fast Forward and played a critical role in our Accelerator year after year. This support has enabled us to accelerate 41 tech nonprofits that are positively transforming millions of lives around the globe. What made BlackRock’s support unique this summer? They hosted Fast Forward’s first

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These Students are Lifting Fellow Peers out of Financial Burden

This is the tenth piece in Fast Forward’s 2018 Accelerator Series featuring Peerlift, the platform connecting underserved high schoolers to micro-scholarships for college.   After winning a collective half a million dollars in scholarship funds, a group of high schoolers found themselves in Atlanta attending a scholarship conference. At the time, the group had no idea

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We Vote is Taking the Confusion out of Voting

This is the ninth piece in Fast Forward’s 2018 Accelerator Series featuring We Vote, a national, digital voter guide that leverages the power of networks to make voting easier.  “We’ve seen such a technology explosion since the early dot com days, but there’s been a lot less effort put into reducing social problems. As a

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Got an App? You Need Customer Support for That!

Field of Dreams was right with the whole, “If you build it they will come,” thing. If you’re building a tech nonprofit product that will (hopefully… scratch that – definitely!) amass a large user base, be prepared for those users to come running with support questions. All of the tech nonprofits in our 2018 cohort

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From Silicon Valley to Refugee Camps

From Silicon Valley to Refugee Camps

This is the eighth piece in Fast Forward’s 2018 Accelerator Series featuring Tarjimly, which means “translate for me” in several languages.   It’s January 27, 2017 and Trump’s first Travel Ban has been issued, blocking U.S. entry for citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries and terminating refugee resettlement. In a moment where many felt fear, rage,

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Objective Zero Envisions a World With Zero Veteran Suicides

This is the seventh piece in Fast Forward’s 2018 Accelerator Series featuring the Objective Zero Foundation co-founder team: Justin Miller, Blake Bassett, Kayla Bailey, Chris Mercado, Betsey Mercado, and Amy Eastman. Sgt. Justin Miller was in Iraq, deep into his 11-year service in the Army, when he witnessed a moment that haunts him to this


What’s Good in Tech, Issue 5

School’s back, so it’s time to get your study on in all things good tech. Don’t worry, we wrote the CliffsNotes for you. This month in What’s Good in Tech, voting with clicks, a playbook for averting ethical disasters, and your coffee cup might have sugar and machine learning. ☕ ᐧ   What the Best Nonprofits Know About