Fast Forward in the News

“It's refreshing to hear from people who are pursuing solutions to problems, rather than just pursuing a business that makes a lot of money.”

“Fast Forward provides workshops, mentoring and $25,000 in seed money to a cohort of tech non-profits.”

“Fast Forward also pulled together a roster of advisors and mentors that’s sure to make any tech startup envious.”

“It’s not enough to simply use technology; these companies must apply technology to make formerly expensive, difficult or impossible things accessible for the non-profit sector (or people in need).”

"With these kinds of innovations targeted at vulnerable populations, the demos constituted a starkly different scene than tech events with fancy gadgets and expensive software. This was Silicon Valley with a heart."

“Fast Forward alumni nonprofits have impacted 4.7 million lives, and raised $16 million in charitable funding after the accelerator.”