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Startup Accelerator Alumni



Employment platform for low-income Indians to improve AI and ML models through bite-sized tasks

Dollar ForDollar ForDollar For

Discovery tool helping low-income patients apply for financial assistance to eliminate medical debt


Daily mental health check-ins for K-12 students to give educators real-time insights into student well-being

Solar FreezeSolar FreezeSolar Freeze

Solar-powered refrigerators reducing food waste while increasing income for smallholder farmers


Chatbot providing queer youth with safe, identity-affirming resources in countries where support is dangerous to access

Joy EducationJoy EducationJoy Education

One-to-one, online literacy tutoring for students struggling to read at grade level


API for social media platforms that connects young people with peer support in moments of crisis

Mobile PathwaysMobile PathwaysMobile Pathways

SMS solutions empowering nonprofits and attorneys to equip immigrants with legal resources


Global network supercharging nature restoration projects that reverse climate change

Road to UniRoad to UniRoad to Uni

Interactive playbook guiding first-generation high schoolers through the college application process


CommonLit equips educators with high-quality, standards-aligned digital literacy tools. Founded by Michelle Brown, a former teacher who struggled to find the resources she needed to help students, CommonLit has supported over 24M students, teachers, and administrators. Meet CommonLit.



Culturally-relevant curriculum preparing Black youth for careers in tech


Open-source AI models empowering scientists in low-income countries to cure neglected diseases


Chatbot connecting rural Indian farmers with data to increase agency and income


Digital platform making speech therapy affordable and accessible for people who stutter

Unlocked LabsUnlocked LabsUnlocked Labs

Offline education software unlocking Pell Grants and college degrees for incarcerated people

Worthy MentoringWorthy MentoringWorthy Mentoring

App facilitating trusted mentorship within the LGBTQ+ community


FreeWorld is an online training platform that places people who were formerly incarcerated into high-wage careers in trucking. Founder Jason Wang was incarcerated at 15 years old on a 12 year sentence. Now, he’s paying it forward to change the trajectory for the 75% of individuals who remain unemployed one year after release. Meet FreeWorld.



Personalized checklist and recommendation engine for accessing public benefits 


AI-powered SMS tool teaching math in resource-constrained settings

Develop for GoodDevelop for GoodDevelop for Good

Platform pairing underrepresented computer science students with nonprofits to help them build tech products


Credit-building loans helping formerly incarcerated people facing credit invisibility build financial power


Platform that trains and certifies formerly incarcerated people for jobs in trucking


Mobile app connecting refugee mothers and children with preventative healthcare


SMS helpline connecting food insecure New Yorkers with food pantries

Rocket LearningRocket LearningRocket Learning

Videos and educational games delivered via WhatsApp empowering parents in India to teach their 3-8 year olds at home


Education and financial aid tool increasing Black homeownership

Tatu NurseTatu NurseTatu Nurse

On and offline vital sign tracking app built by Ugandan nurses, for Ugandan nurses

Nexleaf Analytics

Nexleaf Analytics builds accessible sensor technology and data analytics tools that improve global health. Founded by former PhD classmates Nithya Ramanathan and Martin Lukac, its cold chain system protects the vaccine supply chain for 1 in 10 babies born each year. Meet Nexleaf Analytics.



Text to 911, making emergency help accessible to people with disabilities and non-English speakers


App that sends free letters and photos to keep people who are incarcerated connected with their loved ones

Change Climate ProjectChange Climate ProjectChange Climate Project

Software tool that simplifies carbon footprint measurement and certifies carbon neutral companies


Virtual therapy platform for low-income youth at higher risk for teen suicide and mental illness

TurboTax for immigrants, diagnosing immigration eligibility and preparing immigration forms for free


Augmented reality tools that write Black, brown, women, and LGBTQIA+ narratives into American curricula

Reboot RxReboot RxReboot Rx

AI platform that surfaces insights into generic drugs that have potential to affordably treat cancer


Mobile app created by and for young activists to organize movements and propel them forward


Almost FunAlmost FunAlmost Fun

An app fusing pop culture with SAT prep to level the education playing field

Ample LabsAmple LabsAmple Labs

A chatbot helping people facing homelessness find free meals, shelter, drop-ins, and clothing

Verano HealthVerano HealthVerano Health

A mobile health coach for low-income Americans with diabetes and heart disease


A school accountability platform daylighting racial equity data to spur action


A platform that helps underserved youth find and pursue their dream careers

Good CallGood CallGood Call

A 24/7 hotline providing free legal support to the arrested and their loved ones

Hikma HealthHikma HealthHikma Health

A personalized healthcare delivery platform for refugees


An open-source platform leveraging data to fight global air pollution


A digital marketplace strengthening the informal economies of the Global South


Dost EducationDost EducationDost Education

Mobile audio content that helps parents of any literacy level support their child’s early education success

DREAMer’s RoadmapDREAMer’s RoadmapDREAMer’s Roadmap

Mobile app connecting undocumented students to hard-to-find college scholarships

Learning EqualityLearning EqualityLearning Equality

An offline platform making open education resources globally accessible

Objective ZeroObjective ZeroObjective Zero

Digital, on-demand suicide prevention for veterans and their communities


Platform connecting underserved high schoolers to exceptional college opportunities


A real-time, translation app connecting the world’s 3 billion bilinguals to the 25 million refugees worldwide


Free, online, & on-demand STEM tutoring for low-income high school students


TurboTax for personal bankruptcy

We VoteWe VoteWe Vote

A national, digital voter guide that leverages the power of networks to make voting easier


Beyond 12Beyond 12Beyond 12

A digital mentorship platform transforming first-generation students into college graduates


A mobile 911-alternative to dispatch help for people in crisis


A nonpartisan platform for engaging all citizens in today’s politics


Proactive daily mental health support for teens via SMS-based coaching

Online SOSOnline SOSOnline SOS

A platform that connects victims of online harassment to resources and support


An employer-benefit platform helping low-wage workers weather financial instability

Real TalkReal TalkReal Talk

Sex education for middle school students delivered through text-based storytelling



Platform equipping educators with high-quality, standards-aligned digital literacy tools

Democracy EarthDemocracy EarthDemocracy Earth

Incorruptible digital governance technology to bring voting into the Internet age

Hack ClubHack ClubHack Club

Platform enabling high schoolers to start awesome after-school coding clubs


Open-source mobile telemedicine platform for last-mile health care delivery

Arming tenants in neglectful housing situations with tech for legal empowerment

Learn FreshLearn FreshLearn Fresh

Education game developer integrating professional sports to teach math

Open Media ProjectOpen Media ProjectOpen Media Project

Making government proceedings transparent through on-demand searchable media software

Think of UsThink of UsThink of Us

A digital personal advisory board for foster youth

We The ProtestersWe The ProtestersWe The Protesters

Digital tools for activists to end police violence and systemic racism in the US



Video-based entrepreneurship training – for inner city youth, by inner city youth


A crowdsourced platform that connects low-income high school students to career guidance from professionals

Feeding ForwardFeeding ForwardFeeding Forward

Enables businesses to donate unused food to low-income communities, instantly

Nexleaf AnalyticsNexleaf AnalyticsNexleaf Analytics

Wireless sensors and analytics tool to improve global health and the environment

Project CallistoProject CallistoProject Callisto

A sexual assault reporting platform that empowers survivors to securely and confidentially document, and if they wish, take action against their assailants


Free online tools to help students improve in grammar and writing


An open source internet protocol that enables the world’s poor to send, receive, and save money


A multi-lingual communications platform, meaningfully connecting teachers with families for increased student success


Software that enables smart devices to use energy from clean power sources


Medic MobileMedic MobileMedic Mobile

Last mile healthcare apps that enable community health workers to efficiently register pregnancy, track diseases, and communicate about emergencies.


Financial education provided via mobile apps and personalized coaching to teach underserved teens critical personal finance skills

Noora HealthNoora HealthNoora Health

An interactive education platform for patient care, lowering hospital readmissions and saving lives

One DegreeOne DegreeOne Degree

A Yelp!-like platform enabling low-income communities to access the resources they need to thrive.

SirumSirumSirum for medicine, connecting the $5B of unused medicine with the populations that need it most.