December 17, 2019 | Announcements

Meet our Social Impact Community Manager: Alicia Baquero

Fast Forward welcomes our new Social Impact Community Manager, Alicia Baquero.

This year, I set out to accomplish one objective: become an advocate for the social causes I’ve always cared about. Today, I am thrilled to be doing just that by joining the Fast Forward family. Before moving to the U.S. four years ago, I worked with underserved communities in Ecuador. I helped immigrants obtain small business grants and volunteered to educate low-income families on financial issues. Then, I moved to the Bay Area.

The Bay Area brought all types of new experiences during my roles with leading tech companies. At Salesforce, I was a member of a cross-functional effort to move all customers to Salesforce’s newest platform. There, I was focused on supporting customers by educating them on product adoption, tools, and best practices to facilitate their transitions. At Google, I helped small businesses all around Latin America integrate G Suite into their workflows as part of the Latam Sales team.

Transitioning from working in economic development in Ecuador to moving to the U.S. and working at consumer-focused companies led me to a dissociation between my beliefs and my professional career. I refused to ignore it, and kept asking the question: “What could tech help alleviate?” This question led me to pursue my goal of joining a mission-driven organization creating social and economic impact.

When I found Fast Forward, I became absorbed by its efforts to scale positive social impact with technology, and by its support for diverse founders and teams. Fast Forward lies at the intersection of both my skills and passions: tech – the sector I am skilled in, and social impact – the calling that I had taken the conscious choice to follow. I immediately knew I wanted to join forces to help push the tech nonprofit sector forward.

I am delighted to support tech nonprofits by becoming the go-to resource and community expert at Fast Forward. In my personal time, you can find me running around Berkeley (even when it’s raining), dancing at dance studios or music venues, or just hanging around reading or watching an independent film.