Announcing Fast Forward’s 2015 cohort

July 7, 2015 | Announcements

Announcing Fast Forward’s 2015 cohort

We are thrilled to announce the groups that will be joining us for this summer’s accelerator. We had incredible success last year and decided to nearly double this year’s class. We had to get extra selective due to the high volume of applications. And while we couldn’t accept everyone, we’re delighted to see so many tech nonprofits cropping up left and right.

We chose these teams because of the scope of their visions, their tech talent, potential for impact, and scalability.

Our entrepreneurs are building products to solve some of the world’s biggest, sticky problems — access to education, public safety, economic development, and alternative energy.

We’ve taken note from the startup community: People solve problems in front of them. We want to empower people to address the challenges  they see everyday. We screen for diversity based on gender, ethnicity, income level, and issue expertise.

Here are some details about our 2015 cohort:

  • 75% female founders
  • 50% person-of-color founders
  • 75% solving problems they personally experienced

Our entrepreneurs look different than your usual accelerator class because they are different. Over the summer, we look forward to sharing their stories and experiences.

Stay tuned.

The 2015 cohort:

a-#igottamakeitKhan Academy for legal hustles

career village_websiteCrowdsourced career advice for low-income students

feedingforward_websiteUber for food donations

nexleaf_websiteSMS-based monitoring of vaccine storage

project callistoCollege sexual assault reporting system

quill_website_vertOpen source literacy games for K-12 students

stellar_websiteFinancial infrastructure for the unbanked

Multi-lingual texting platform connecting teachers and parents

watt time_websiteConnecting smart devices to clean energy