11 Giving Tuesday Campaigns That Will Stretch your Dollar

November 21, 2018 | Announcements

11 Inspiring Giving Tuesday Campaigns that Will Stretch your Dollar

Meet Giving Tuesday. It’s the one day of the year where the focus is entirely on giving back to the organizations that have done incredible work throughout the year. But when Giving Tuesday rolls around and your inbox is flirting with explosive levels of unread emails, it can be tough to decide which Giving Tuesday campaigns will deliver the biggest impact on your dollar.

With so many good Giving Tuesday campaigns to choose from, one trick to rely on is impact per size of donation. 

A common misconception is that $5 doesn’t go a long way. We’re here to dispel that myth. In fact, smaller tech nonprofits, who are reliant on using data to make impact-driven decisions, are often able to tie their impact to a dollar amount. Lucky for donors like you, this makes understanding the impact of a donation to a Giving Tuesday campaign much simpler.

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Once the tryptophan has worn off and you’re ready to step into the giving spirit, you’ll want to reference this advice. 

We’re here to steer you in the right direction based on what you have to give to a Giving Tuesday campaign.

Donate $2 → Expand career advice to 1 underserved learner.

Yes, we said $2 bucks. Ditch that $2 side of avocado, and connect one underserved youth with free life-changing career advice through CareerVillage.org. There are 500 students to every 1 school counselor, which makes CareerVillage critical for the 8 Million low-income youth in America.

Donate $3 → Connect 1 family to Dost, helping a child in India get school-ready.

Dost breaks the cycle of illiteracy in India. Its method? Delivering free 1 minute audio messages to parents’ phones, which provide quick, helpful learning activities and parenting strategies. Our favorite? Teaching children early numeracy skills by having them count lentils before dinner.

Helping the 150M Low Literacy Women in India Support Their Child's Early Development
Photo credit: Dost

Donate $5 → Enable 1 refugee to further their education.

Through The Refugee Center Online GED program, a $5 donation enables one refugee to expand their education. Your impact will span far beyond a degree. A GED helps families build successful lives in the US, thus gaining a sense of personal value where it’s often been lost.

Donate $6 → Connect 8 students with high quality literature and assessments to improve critical thinking.

If you haven’t heard of CommonLit, it’s the tech nonprofit that reached one million users faster than Facebook. CommonLit delivers free, standards-aligned, literacy tools to students in grades 3-12, and is leveling the resource playing field across the US and Mexico.

Donate $18 → Fund an on-demand translation for 1 refugee or aid worker.

Tarjimly is a real-time translation app connecting the world’s 3B bilinguals to the 25M refugees worldwide. An $18 donation enables a life-saving translation session via chat, phone, or video call.

Giving tuesday campaigns
Photo credit: Tarjimly

Donate $16 → Help 2 consumers defend themselves against predatory debt collectors.

In less than five minutes, Daisy Debt leverages tech to help financial coaches send debt verification letters for their clients. Why does this matter? It helps people in financial distress assert their rights against illegal debt collection agencies to avoid scams and improve their lives.

Donate $25 → Delivers crisis support to 1 person in need.

Concrn’s mobile app gives communities an alternative to calling 911 when they seeing a person suffering from a mental health crisis. Rather, Concrn dispatches trained, compassionate civilian responders to the scene.

Giving Tuesday campaigns
Photo credit: Concrn

Donate $30 → Brings storytelling-driven sex ed to 3 teens.

RealTalk’s mobile app delivers authentic sex and health education via storytelling to teens. From healthy relationships to bullying, the app is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of youth. (We don’t pick favorites, but it’s one of our favorite Giving Tuesday campaigns!)

Donate $40 → Deliver a “virtual career day” to 800 learners.

Gladeo’s platform brings digital career exploration and inspiration to students for just $0.05/learner. Through diverse storytelling and helpful resources, students across the country can access information on how to pursue whatever career they dream of.

Donate $50 → Enable 1 Classroom to Increase its Parent-Teacher Engagement.

Did you know that parental engagement is a stronger indicator of student success than socioeconomic status? Often, the barrier is language. Through TalkingPoints, educators message families, and families receive the messages in their home language. The result? Increased student success in low-income, diverse areas. A $50 donation brings this gift to a classroom for an entire semester.

Giving Tuesday campaign
Photo credit: TalkingPoints

Donate $100 → A Mental Health Coach for 1 student for a year.

MindRight connects inner-city youth with mental health coaches who work with them via text message. Mental health tools are critical, as one in four inner-city youth witness a murder before they turn 17. A $100 gift equips a students with a year’s worth of support. It’s one of those Giving Tuesday campaigns that keeps on giving.

While you may see a million and 1 amazing Giving Tuesday campaigns, you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck by tying your donation to impact. From education to humanitarian aid, data-driven tech nonprofits are an excellent beneficiary of your generosity.