HPE Donates $1.2M+ to Tech Nonprofits in Second Annual HPE Accelerating Impact Program

October 27, 2020 | Announcements

HPE Donates $1.2M+ to Tech Nonprofits in Second Annual HPE Accelerating Impact Program

As teachers have moved to distance learning, doctors have shifted to telehealth, and much of the world has transitioned online, the need for digital solutions is greater than ever. Tech nonprofits are stepping up to bring these solutions to people across the globe. To support the invaluable work of many of these organizations, Fast Forward partnered with the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Foundation on the second annual HPE Accelerating Impact Campaign. Through this company-wide program, every HPE team member received a $25 donation credit from the HPE Foundation to give to one of 40 featured tech nonprofits.

The result? A staggering $1.2M+ infusion into the tech nonprofit sector. This incredible contribution was made possible by the 28,000+ HPE employees from across the world who participated to support the 40 featured tech nonprofits. These organizations provide digital interventions – from inclusive distance learning tools, to affordable telehealth platforms, to real-time information on social services. With these services in high demand, the HPE Foundation’s support could not have come at a better time.

“This donation goes a long way in helping us sustain and grow our impact for patients around the world at a critical moment.”

Mackinnon Engen, Executive Director, Watsi

HPE Accelerating Impact gives each HPE employee the opportunity to support a cause that matters to them, while collectively contributing to HPE’s mission of advancing the way the world lives and works through the power of technology. “At HPE, giving back to our communities is part of our DNA. I’m proud to say we’re as determined as ever to stand behind our belief that the betterment of society is a responsibility shared by all,” said Antonio Neri, HPE President and CEO, at the start of this year’s campaign.

HPE employees like Dan Griffith, Director, Global Cloud Delivery, and Lauren LeBlanc, Partner Marketing Specialist, were excited to share their participation on Twitter:

The Dost Education team, scaling their impact from home | Dost Education

HPE’s support for the tech nonprofits extends beyond HPE Accelerating Impact. HPE employees complete meaningful pro-bono projects with tech nonprofits throughout the year. WattTime, a tech nonprofit building software that enables smart devices to run on clean energy, worked with HPE volunteers this year to expand their software to India. One HPE volunteer even helped WattTime figure out how to extend its software to support a whole new category of IoT devices!

“It has been our honor to walk alongside HPE to identify incredible groups, and give them the resources they need to make the change we all so desperately want.”

Shannon Farley, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Fast Forward

Over the last two years, HPE Accelerating Impact has lifted up the entire tech nonprofit sector, positively impacting hundreds of millions of lives. We are so grateful to the HPE Foundation for this partnership, and could not be more excited to continue working with HPE to accelerate tech nonprofits responding to some of our most pressing challenges.

Check out HPE’s recap of the campaign here.

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