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Allen Institute for AI

Our mission is to contribute to humanity through high-impact AI research and engineering.

Founded: 2014 by Paul Allen

  • Program Area

    Health & Healthcare, Education
  • Location of Impact

    Global, United States
  • Headquarters Location

    Seattle, Washington, United States
  • Product Platforms

    Web, Open Source
  • Budget

    $1,000,000 +

AI2 is a non-profit research institute founded in 2014 with the mission of conducting high-impact AI research and engineering in service of the common good. AI2 is the creation of Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder. AI2 has undertaken several ambitious projects to drive fundamental advances in science and medicine through AI.

These projects include:
- Semantic Scholar: A search engine which combines NLP, data mining, and computer vision to create a rich academic search experience that helps scientists discover and understand research papers more efficiently than ever.
- AllenNLP: Enabling anyone to design, evaluate, and contribute new NLP models to an open-source, PyTorch-backed NLP platform