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Readeezy Literacy

Readeezy Literacy supports a digital library of books for struggling/disabled teen and young adult readers.

Founded: 2021 by Dr. Maria Cleary

Readeezy Literacy
  • Program Area

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  • Headquarters Location

    Parsippany, New Jersey, United
  • Product Platforms

  • Budget

    $0 to $500,000

Readeezy Literacy supports a unique digital library Readeezy, the ONLY digital library on the market today designed specifically for struggling/disabled teen and young adult readers to improve their comprehension, retention and engagement. While most other products target PK-5, Readeezy offers older struggling readers digital books with age-respectful storylines at accessible reading levels that they can enjoy independently. What distinguishes Readeezy? EACH page is illustrated; there are checks for understanding at the end of EVERY chapter that use gaming as stealth assessment and provide opportunities for critical thinking/problem-solving. Comprehension checks can also assess non-academic learning like relationships, courage, fairness, identity and equity. And no teacher is necessary!

Funders and Awards

State of New Jersey
SIIA Innovation Showcase Finalist