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Tech Impact

To bring the power of technology to traditional nonprofits doing the hardest work in our communities.

Founded: 2003 by Lisa Shulock, Patrick Callihan

  • Program Area

    Environment, Food & Agriculture, Arts & Culture, Human Rights, Poverty Alleviation & Economic Development, Public Service & Civic Engagement
  • Location of Impact

    Europe, United States
  • Headquarters Location

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Product Platforms

    Web, Mobile Apps, Hardware
  • Budget

    $1,000,000 +
  • Founder Demographics

    Female, LGBTQ

Most nonprofit organizations lack access to capital or expertise necessary to bring new technologies to bear on their mission. We help these organizations use technology to serve their communities. As a nonprofit ourselves we understand the challenges nonprofits face. Our model focuses on long-term organizational change and a shift towards collaborative co-design of services with communities. We are making sure that the more traditional nonprofit sector doesn't miss out on the opportunities technology can offer for creating social change.