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We deliver education and employment programs for displaced youth that leapfrog outdated models, build relevant technologies, and create online connections.

Founded: 2015 by Rama Chakaki
  • Program Area

    Education, Human Rights, Poverty Alleviation & Economic Development, Public Service & Civic Engagement
  • Location of Impact

    Middle East, United States, Jordan, Lebanon, Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey
  • Headquarters Location

    Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Product Platforms

  • Budget

    $0 to $500,000
  • Founder Demographics


The is a youth-focused philanthropy fund. Our mission is to empower youth impacted by conflict through education and employment. To serve these displaced scholars, we run e-learning programs, crowdfund for higher education, and partner with mentors and institutions who further our beneficiaries' employment prospects. For many refugee students, the foremost barrier to higher education lies in the transition period before enrollment. Upon crossing the border, sometimes on foot, and often with no family or friends waiting for them, displaced students confront an entirely new education system and other systemic barriers that may prevent them from resuming their education and finding jobs in their host countries.

Funders and Awards

Goldman Sachs
Catalyst Partners
Project Hope
MIT Solver for edSeed (Recognized in 2016)