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WorkIt, United for Respect

Eradicating poverty by re-architecting low wage jobs through WorkIt, an AI to human handoff platform that provides workplace information and peer support.

Founded: 2016 by Catherine Huang, Andrea Dehlendorf

  • Program Area

    Education, Poverty Alleviation & Economic Development
  • Location of Impact

    Australia, United States
  • Headquarters Location

    Oakland, California, United States
  • Product Platforms

    Mobile Apps, SMS
  • Budget

    $1,000,000 +
  • Founder Demographics

    Female, Racial or Ethnicity Minority

Work in a changing world is inherently unstable for people working in low wage jobs. Stagnant pay, involuntary part-­time hours, negotiating multiple jobs and inflexible yet erratic scheduling are wreaking havoc on the lives of working people and destroying opportunities for mobility and success. Restricted access to information and support play a key role in keeping low wage workers isolated and disempowered, thereby creating a new kind of digital divide. People need information to thrive and WorkIt is an information lifeline for people working in low wage jobs. WorkIt was developed by United for Respect (UFR), based on years of analysis, applied experience, and a bold vision for reshaping our economy and democracy.

Funders and Awards

Future of Work Award - RSA Future of Work, Omidyar Network, Ford Foundation, Irvine Foundation, Media Democracy Fund, Groundswell Foundation, Workers Lab.