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April 19, 2023 | Blog

HPE Foundation and Fast Forward: Accelerating Impact Through Five Years of Partnership

Fast Forward is thrilled to partner with the HPE Foundation for the fifth year in a row. Together, we’ve provided transformative support to nonprofits, helping them build tech products to meaningfully address issues, such as climate change, education inequality, poverty, and more. Through programs like the Startup Accelerator, the Growth Accelerator, Pitch Camps, and employee engagement campaigns, Fast Forward and HPE have supported over 100 nonprofits impacting millions of lives.

This year, HPE and Fast Forward will celebrate five years of the HPE Accelerating Impact Campaign, a particularly meaningful program. That’s right. Five years of infusing much-needed resources into the tech for good sector and driving meaningful impact to communities in need. Through this company-wide campaign, every HPE team member receives a credit from the HPE Foundation to give to the participating tech nonprofit of their choice. Since 2019, the HPE Accelerating Impact Campaign has mobilized $5M+ towards tech nonprofits that support the world’s most vulnerable populations.

“HPE and the HPE Foundation are working to strengthen the innovation ecosystem and diverse-led tech nonprofits to accelerate solutions that are tackling urgent global challenges. We are proud to support Fast Forward and their portfolio, providing founders with the funding and support needed to grow and scale their organizations and impact.”

-Fred Tan, Social Impact Manager, HPE; Deputy Director, HPE Foundation

Keep reading to learn how three HPE Accelerating Impact favorites are making advances in healthcare, education inequality, and climate change.


70% of India’s population lives in a rural area, where only 25% of the country’s health infrastructure is located. Intelehealth leverages open-source technology to improve access to affordable, quality healthcare for communities without a doctor. Its low-bandwidth telemedicine app connects frontline health workers with training and key health information. Health organizations across the world have used Intelehealth’s technology to improve health outcomes and reach over 6M patients.

Intelehealth 2

CEO and Co-Founder Neha Verma, motivated by her own experience, is using Intelehealth and the power of telemedicine to create easily accessible, safe spaces for patients to get the care they rightfully deserve.

Learning Equality

One in three children around the world lack access to quality basic education. And while there are now more quality, free, open educational resources online than ever, many lack the internet connectivity needed to access them. Learning Equality is bridging that divide. Its platform makes open education resources globally accessible via low-bandwidth and offline channels, taking advantage of existing infrastructure or low-cost and low-power hardware solutions. To date, it has served 800K learners in 200 countries and territories around the world.

Learning Equality

Co-founded by Jamie Alexandre while he was interning at Khan Academy, Learning Equality believes education is both the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and opening the door to human flourishing.


Of all energy consumed globally, only about 25% comes from renewable sources. WattTime is trying to change that by empowering people, companies, policymakers, and countries to cut their emissions and choose cleaner energy. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, WattTime’s technology, which currently covers 1B devices, allows smart thermostats, electric vehicles, and even entire buildings to effortlessly and automatically run on cleaner energy.


Gavin McCormick, a University of California Berkeley researcher, founded WattTime in 2014 on the belief that if given the choice, consumers wouldn’t choose to pollute. That belief has proven to be accurate. Today, WattTime continues to develop data-driven tools that inform companies, utilities, and policymakers, to fight climate change. 

To mark the fifth annual HPE Accelerating Impact Campaign, we are shaking things up. Building on the success of previous years, we’re ramping up volunteer support and employee engagement year round, including pro bono projects, ongoing virtual volunteer opportunities, and panels highlighting tech nonprofit leaders.

“This year alone, Intelehealth enabled telehealth services for 1.2 million people! This dramatic scale up is only possible with support from visionary donors. We would not have been able to invest in growing our team and infrastructure without HPE! Thank you, HPE, for supporting our mission of better health access for women.”

-Neha Verma, CEO & Co-Founder, Intelehealth

HPE Foundation believes technology plays a key role in progressing society and protecting our planet. Fast Forward is proud to have a long-standing partnership with a fellow believer in tech’s power for positive change. 

Spoiler alert! WattTime, Learning Equality and Inteleheath, along with the entire Fast Forward Growth Accelerator Cohort have been selected to participate in HPE Accelerating Impact this year. Curious to hear about the other nonprofits included? Check out the next article with Fast Forward and HPE to learn more!